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Center for International Private Enterprise

Digital Rogue Society Experiment Group is a partner organization of CIPE and is part of the Enterprise’s civic entrepreneurship incubation program. It took part in project management, communication and advocacy training programs. It has obtained a co- working space for the financial year 2021.

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Australian Embassy in Ethiopia

Digital Rogue Society Experiment Group has partnered with the Embassy to implement the online voter education project that targets to enhance the interest and participation of people with disabilities in the election. The project used Amharic and Afan Oromo languages to disseminate the educational contents through info graphic, written and motion pictures.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE)

The Experiment Group is CERTIFIED by NEBE to conduct online Voter Education (VE) for theEthiopian Election 2021. It has been running a #merchaethiopia campaign to build the interest and participation of first time voters, women and people with disabilities by employing accessibility tools. It also make accessible competing political parties political manifesto, contact details and social media links on: DRSE.G is also licensed by NEBE to conduct election observation with exclusive focus of monitoring actions of political parties on social media. It has also generated and shared a report for its effect.

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Coalition for Civil Societies for Election

DRSE.G is a member organization of the coalition with its expertise in the digital space to advance the election dynamics through locally nurtured innovation. The Group is also utilizing the coalition network to increase its technical skill, human capital, and financial resources

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Civil Society Resource Center

The Experiment Group is currently hosted and supported by the resource center on institutional capacity building and advocacy. Furthermore, it is receiving a strategic technical support from CSRC & African Civic Leadership Program in the areas of digital advocacy and strategic communication, data analysis and reporting as well as integrating gender equality and disability inclusion in the digital space.

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Civic Tech Innovation Network

DRSE.G is mapped from Ethiopia for employing civic technology solutions to enhance civic engagement in the election ecosystem. It was an exhibitor and represented panelist at #DIYAfrica Presented by Civic Technology Innovation Forum (CTIF21) and Jamfest.

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