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Empowerment Platforms – for individuals, businesses and CSOs

The cornerstone of a developed democratic ecosystem is a well informed and empowered citizenry. As per the trending behavioral patterns of users of digital technologies, educational contents must also be aligned in order to meet the country’s discourse towards democratic and prosperous nation building. Our web, mobile app, SMS and USSD enabled platform allows individuals, businesses and CSOs to build their profiles and get customized education and information contents most appropriate for them. Through continuous incremental updates to the system, access to the updated educational contents will be enabled for use by potential learners. Users have complete control over their data and to whom it is shared.

Reporting tool – for individuals, Civil Society Organizations and Government

Our Reporting tools are designed to trace, track and report illegal encounters on civic engagements. These pools of fact checking and reporting platforms allow individuals, businesses or any stakeholder to report with evidence any illegal practices. The software’s dashboard tools allow management at all levels of either government or CSOs to monitor progress and performance of illegal civic engagements by individuals, businesses, CSOs, and government agents. The software includes tools to register and manage the data of different classes of reporters (individuals, CSOs, and companies); manage different reporting products with different requirements and features and track the action taken for the reports

Advocacy platform – For Individuals & Businesses

The scattered call for action voiced in the analog or digital society resulted in the creation of unprecedented division. Our conjugated platform enables individuals and businesses to advocate individually or lobby with the general public for policy victories. These evidence - based influence making tool ensures government’s accountability. Through our advocacy communication tools public opinions are shaped; allies are persuaded for selected cause and missions are enhanced.


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